We are WildFlowers

Feeling Strong

January 2, 2014

I went to bed at a fairly decent time and slept good. I was able to wake up this morning with ease and with no body stiffness.
Went and did my morning workout, which went better than I expected, because I have issues with my left leg; my calf muscles tightens up very quickly and easily. I pushed through that though and with music in my ears I stayed focused, just looking out the window up at the blue skies. I had “tunnel vision” this morning all the way through it. Again I reached one mile in twenty-four minutes, and along with the four minute cool down at the end I did 1.20 miles in 28.48 minutes. I am proud of myself and hope I can keep this up. I really do feel better since I’ve started back working out, I hate that I ever allowed the pain to stop me, but not anymore. I can to push myself and I know that now, because the extra weight I carry around has caused me more pain on top of the fibromyalgia pain. The only problem I having is that it seems I’m getting bad headaches a lot more serve since I’ve started back drinking more water and working out. I’m thinking that it must be eating much less now, and maybe it’s hunger headaches…maybe. Sometimes even after eating I get a headache, and then only thing left to do is sleep. Lots of times it’s sleep that I need. Got seem to ever get enough with dealing with insomnia and fatigue. I had the strength today but what about tomorrow? Can’t worry about tomorrow, just happy I made it today.  


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