We are WildFlowers

Mental Awareness

January 5,2014


Got some good sleep last night, now I’m up this morning at 6am, checking email and checking through social media and so forth. What really woke me up was the aching pain in my legs. It’s kind of hard to explain, it’s feels like a heaviness about them. I feel as if when I stand to walk my legs my be to weak or very stiff. The other thing that woke me was facial pain, the right side of my face has a aching sore feeling, and a tightness; it’s very annoying.
Still I rise… I got up and cooked me breakfast, sitting up instead of lying in the bed. It’s a good feeling when one with chronic pain can seat up and actually be comfortable. There is not a time in the day that my bed doesn’t call my name, but still when there’s things to be done I find the strength to get it done, then I’m rushing to the bed.
My life has taught me that mental awareness of yourself is very important, your mind can be a dangerous weapon that you can turn on yourself. If you keep thinking you can’t, then you never will. God created the body a strong vessel some tougher than others, but it’s important to have faith not only in The Lord but in oneself; the faith to know its going to be alright and you would be surprised when you push yourself just a little bit more each day how far you can go. Pain can break you down extremely and along with depression it can cause you to beat up on yourself. But there comes a time when you must face the pain head on, look in the mirror and say, it doesn’t have you. Now it’s not easy and there will always be days that you feel like giving up but what’s important is that you know how to pick ourself back up. Know that without sadness we would not know what happiness feels like. Healing must start with yourself, in your heart and mind before anything else can help you, and believing in God will give you a joy everyday that is unexplainable.
If you don’t fight the devil will win every time. Why sit around thinking every negative thought there is to man, feeling down on yourself. You can still find happiness through the cloudiest of days, through the toughest storms, you have to just allow yourself to be happy. I know it’s easier said than done, believe me I know but it can be done. Even if you have to think back on happier times just to get out as much as a giggle maybe also a smile. We have a life to live no matter what, we must live it because we will die some day but it’s not today. Why live dead than alive.


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