We are WildFlowers

Fibro Monster Tried Me

January 7,2014


6:21 o’clock in the morning just finish my workout, which started off good.  Set the time for 30 minutes and I slowly increased the speed as I felt I could handle it. I just began to smile, and I didn’t know why. Was it the music? Was it my thoughts? Was it the workout? I smiled a bit more thinking that maybe there is really something to what is said about exercising, it makes you happy. Soon that would change part way through,  I don’t remember how far I’d gone but at some point  my energy level was going down, as I felt the muscles in my left leg, eyes felt tired, and I just hoped that my sight would not go blurry. Not being able to tell if I was getting or had a headache, I just reduced the speed and I kept going. I DID NOT STOP! I SLOWED DOWN AND KEPT GOING!
My mind for sure was trying to work with my body to get me to stop, but no I’d come to far and plus I came out in 12 degree weather to walk over to the gym to do this workout, so I was going to finish.
Back home inside I feel my head is hurting, but I can’t tell I what way. I sit on the edge of the bed and touch my head it seems there maybe be a sore spot but I think it’s just my hair braid, so I under braid my hair and I don’t really feel it anymore. I lie back on the bed and as my head barely touches the pillow, I felt the pain. Tender, sore spot in the back right side of my head, I couldn’t even lie down. I just got up to sit in the living room. Another day but doesn’t seem to get any easier, no matter how much you’re used to something.


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