We are WildFlowers

Push Through Pain

January 8,2014


Another early morning workout and decided to go for forty minutes today, did 1.58miles. I almost thought I wasn’t going to make it bit just like yesterday I just lowered the speed an kept going, but when I had three minutes left before cool down I put the speed on 3.0 and pushed myself while talking in my head telling me to keep going, you can do it. That cool down time is a life saver.
So many times I just want to scream but it seems so unnatural to do so, to just scream. YELL OUT F’U FIBRO!
Today I am feeling good and I heard from my best friend this morning so now I’m feeling great. That’s one thing that always seems to work for me, is being around people I love keeps my pain off my pain unless it’s really bad/unpleasant. Even just talking to someone who really excepts you for you and has taken the time to learn what your pain is. Someone who takes the time to listen and hears you out no matter what. My best friend is just that, he is everything to me, and dare I say he’s my soul-mate. Encouraging and supportive, always trying to keep a smile on my face. When we speak I slowly forget all about my pain and all the other symptoms. What that time with him I feel invincible, I feel I could do anything and be happy.
I push through my pain because I like having a good reason why I’m hurting, to actually say I did something productive and that’s why I’m tried. It belittles me to do nothing and I feel as if I’ve worked forty hours in one day, yet I barely was able to her out of bed. So no matter how much or how little I do, I just try and do something. But I will admit working out has caused me to feel better as for I can move around much easier and I’m not getting as stiff lately, but other things are not really improving much. The “fibro fog” makes me feel at times that I’ve lost the whole day. Mixed with the fatigue I don’t know whys going on. I think the worst part for me is not being able to remember how to spell a word, I can’t remember what letter it starts with sometimes. I can say it, so I think okay this word is obviously in my vocabulary so I know I must know but it may take me forever, I end up having to just reword what I’m trying to say.
Overall when you find something that makes you happy, none of that other stressful stuff matters. I’m able to push through my pain because I know I can be better.


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