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What’s Your Pain Limit

January 9, 2014

What’s Your Pain Limit

I got over the hump now it’s Thursday and I must change my routine a bit. Instead of early morning workout, I will do afternoon housing cleaning. Remember it’s all about being active, as long as you are moving and even breaking a sweat, it’s a good workout. I had to change up because I was sick to my stomach with cramps that break one down to tears last night think it was IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) I needed more rest and sleep, with fatigue and the days of menstrual cycle on its way, all my body wants to do is sleep. For me the symptoms can start as early as two weeks before. I still have a positive outlook, I just need to take it a little easier, so then I will be able to turn it bak up a notch later. I was very worried a bit since last night when I felt my body seeming as if it was taking revenge on me. The doubt came because I feared I would not be able to workout today. After I was able to finally calm my nerves enough and fell asleep, I woke with some relief but still not as good as I had been the past days. I came across the perfect message this morning and it helped me remember what my mind should be focused on. And reminded me of how dangerous my own thoughts can be to myself.

“The Danger of Small Mindedness”
You can’t listen to doubt talk, fear talk or worry talk: even if it’s your own words. Your mind hears what your mind thinks. By what you think, soon your body will react to your thoughts of how you see and think of yourself. You can change your mind with just one thought, its all it takes that one step. So as a man think if in his heart; so he be it. FLUSH OUT YOUR MIND and allow new healthy, prosperous, positive and love flood your thoughts. Don’t allow people around you to speak fear, worry & doubt into your ear; change the subject/channel. TUNE INTO THE MIND OF THE LORD. We have the mind of Christ therefore let us think as Christ does and then we can feel as if we can do anything in Jesus name Amen.

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