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Bad Flare Day

January 18, 2014

Bad Flare Day

Tension and migraine headaches are severe today, I searched and came across what is called having a “Mixed Tension Migraine Headache.” Here’s the link
Headache on one or both sides
Throbbing pain
May feel dull, tight, or like a band around the head
Pain varies from mild to severe
May get worse with activity
May last 4 – 72 hours (in some people, the headaches may occur every day)
Nausea or vomiting
Sensitivity to light or sound
Numbness, tingling, weakness
Neck pain
Here’s another link:http://www.diffen.com/difference/Migraine_vs_Tension_Headache

Took some Advil for migraines, and then went for a walk, feeling a little better. But to my surprise it really didn’t help with my tension and neck pain. Today has not been as good as some but the good days come and go. The goal is to try and have more good days but with fibromyalgia that is very hard thing to do, since it’s so random. Never knowing what or when the pain is coming and where on the body it will be at, is a pain in its self.

Love Yourself Today

I have to lie to myself; to tell myself the truth.- Kerra Melissa Pridgen

Tell yourself that you are the best you; you can be for today, but you are better than you were yesterday. Find things that you can improve on mentally or physically everyday. If it’s take more steps than before, going a walking longer distance or maybe changing your thoughts. Remind yourself of when you were feeling good or happy, and tell yourself YOU CAN and YOU WILL be there again.



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