We are WildFlowers

Starting Anew Everyday

January 19, 2014

Starting Anew Everyday

How many times have we said, THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT, IM CHANGING EVERYTHING, WONT BE DOING THE SAME THINGS. Yeah we all have told ourselves that and what happens, we have a good start the first few weeks, maybe a month or two but fall right back into the old habits. DONT ALLOW THIS YEAR TO FLY BY YOU WITHOUT ANY CHANGE. It only takes that one step today but remember tomorrow you must take two, if  you want to continue to get anywhere and better you.

I have been doing so good this year do far, and I know it’s still too early to tell but I’m it’s longer than I’ve went in the past. I am mentally feeling better and I feels amazing.  I’m not becoming sad as much or being down with my pain. If all else fails I sleep it off, tomorrow will me the start of week four and I hope I can be strong because I have I admit I’ve had some bumps here and there and only went to the gym like twice last week I think. Hopefully I can do this whole week with something, I have to figure out what because it’s that time of the month and it’s very painful for me, my cramps are like someone stabbing me over and over again. Maybe I will be able to settle for a short walk outside down the sidewalk and back. No matter what I now feel I almost have this depressed bug and it’s negative thoughts out my head. It’s a full time job in its self, everyday I must think positive and it’s gotten to the point where I don’t even have to give it much thought anymore. I wake up not feeling that bad, and I read a daily devotional now every morning. Despite cramps today has been alright. Nevertheless, having hope, faith and prayer keeps me going.


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