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Feeling Hungover

February 1, 2014

Feeling Hungover

Okay I know by the title you are saying, “did she get drunk last night or something?” And the answer is No. But for some strange reason I feel hungover, like I did nothing but drink yesterday.
My day yesterday was great, the only pain I felt during the day was the pain of getting tired from being out and about, the “normal” pain that “normal” people feel. I thought everything was good until I got home and started to settle down, after taking a shower and putting away things from shopping that day, and of course after trying on things I had got from shopping that day, something happen…
I enjoyed my day so much that I didn’t even notice I hadn’t really ate or had anything to drink but like once. When I woke up I had a hot cup of tea, small bowl of chicken with rice, corn, black beans. Went to the movies and ate cheese popcorn, kit-kat and had some sips of icy. Now I know that was not smart but I wanted it so I get what I get. Anyways from the movies went to the mall, so as I walked around I begin to sweat and I drink no water or have anything to eat. Just walking, looking and buying. Enjoyed my day but about eight o’clock at night my head was throbbing. Worst migraine ever in a while, it was so bad I was too tried to eat, felt sick, and could not find any comfort. Them before I know it I was able to get up take some Advil migraine (two capsules) and eat a little bit. Tried to go to sleep which took forever.
This morning I wake up feeling dehydrated and drowsy and body aching like I had been fighting and drinking. Still I’m up and moving around despite how I feel, body is still very sore like my arms (have no idea why) that’s one of the frustrating things about fibromyalgia is that lots of times you don’t know what you did or didn’t do to feel so bad, sometimes you can do nothing and still feel horrible. Great times in the life of fibromyalgia NOT!
Remember you have to be able to laugh, smile make jokes about yourself because if you can’t make light of your pain, it will take you over.

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