We are WildFlowers


I have been feeling defeated all day and night. And I’ve been trying not to be sad or angry. And I really dislike when I’m trying my best to be in a good mood and people around me are down. (I so hate that) I’m like I so could be in a crappy mood right now and not care how you feel but that’s not me. I just have to be the nurturing type, which lately has been hard for me to do because I don’t have anyone nurturing or comforting me. So I want to say you know that pain you’re feeling right now, yeah I feel that all the time and I’m feeling it now but you don’t know because I look normal as I always do. Every now and then I may make face expressions because it hurts so bad. At times I’ve shouted out bad words because of sharp pain that shots me randomly in my sides or wherever.


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