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Advice Don’t Want It

February 7, 2014

I Didn’t Ask For Advice

When you say it, even if you can pronounce it; people look at you as if you’re crazy just by the name. FIBROMYALGIA!?
I’ve been asked what is it, but never how does it make me feel. Then magically they turn into doctors and give me advice on what I should do, or ask me what have I tried. As if I’ve spent years of my life Not trying to figure out what will make me feel better. Don’t try and fix me, I didn’t ask you too. This is me, believe it and don’t judge me. If I said I could die from this, then would you listen & believe me? Then would you not take my time for granted? If I said this could kill me, then would you want to just lie next to me when I’m in pain to comfort me? I could go on but I think you get the point.
Fibromyalgia doesn’t get any respect as the other illnesses, it’s sad that it’s never spoke about. And I know no one wants to walk around broadcasting that they have anything, but you hear people speak of lupus which can is closely related to fibromyalgia somewhat, even MS- multiple sclerosis we hear about that. But not old fibromyalgia it’s like it’s not worthy to be known. While there are celebrities raising money trying to find a cure for so many things, not one celebrity with fibromyalgia will talk about it, let alone want to try and help. At times it’s like people look at it as only being pain, and oh pop some pulls and keep it moving. No it doesn’t have to take over your life and keep you from living, but it’s more than just pain, more than just a ache here and there. A little ache here in there oils only on a ok to good day. All the other days are torture.
I’m just saying if we were to say it messes with our heart and lungs, and if we are not careful we could die, I’m sure we would get a different attitude from you non-believers. Then you would be saying well is there a cure, something you can take to fix it, make it better? And for the millionth time we would scream NO! THERE IS NO CURE! Many of us are taking medication that barely works, or talking a hand full of pills in hope it will make a difference. And we can only take something knowing that it will only lessen the pain, but with high hopes we hope it will take it all away, if we take it enough.
I myself am not on any medication and I’ve gotten so much crap for my choice to not take anything but ibuprofen, Advil or something of that nature. It’s my choice and I don’t have to explain myself but do what works for you that’s it, don’t force things on other people. Then it’s people who get frustrated if you don’t take their advice an take what they suggested. I DIDN’T ASK FOR YOUR ADVICE IN THE FIRAT PLACE! Plus I don’t have the money to go buying all this crap just to try and relieve my pain, and it makes me sick taking a much of stuff to try and feel better.
You know what does make me feel better and it’s free, LOVE AND LAUGHER. Spending time with someone who truly loves me laughing and enjoying each other company, helps me forget all about my pain. So all you give your advice when no one asked, shut up and stop trying to fix people, just love them or leave them alone.

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