We are WildFlowers


February 14, 2014


Sometimes I feel cursed or something, because my libido hasn’t really changed. I am still somewhat young, I’m twenty-nine years old, but I don’t think age has anything to do with it. I just really like the feeling of sex I guess. But sometimes I end up cramping up so much if I climax to hard.
I think being able to relax the muscles is the key, but is hard when you don’t have any control over your muscles.
Most people probably would not talk about this thinking it’s way too personal, but I’m not most people and I try and touch on subjects that I don’t see people speaking about. One of the things that makes this even tougher is being with someone who may not be as sexual or affectionate as you are. I need a certain about of love everyday for me to be able to function.
This feeling may have something to do with my depression and or my gene pool mix, but all I know is that it takes my focus off of the pain in my body when in the moment. Also turning painful pain into painful pleasure can be an amazing feeling.
By the way I am married, so I’m not this fibromyalgia freak running around wild. When the mood comes it comes, if I can’t express the feeling I get frustrated and uptight. There are times where it seems as though my sex drive spikes up, very high on the meter, and I just need to feel the closeness, it soothes and comforts me.
Fibromyalgia hasn’t taken everything from me, but it still pains me.  I won’t allow it to take all my joy and pleasure away.
FIBROMYALGIA EQUALS MODERATION. Do what you can, when you can but don’t forget to not over do it. That is the key: DON’T OVER DO IT. But also one of the toughest things to do, because it feels so good to do something when you haven’t been able to do it. So when that chance comes and you feel up too it, you just want to do as much as you can.


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