We are WildFlowers


February 15, 2014


One Question For Today: Are there any dreams that you’ve given up on? Anyone thy is sitting at home depressed and feeling like you’re not doing enough.

Have you accomplished all your dreams or do you still have dreams that your illness has slowed you down, or stopped you from achieving, if so you should take time am think about those dreams again. Take your focus off your pain and all the other crazy symptoms for awhile and think about something you wanted to try or do. Maybe even look back at the dreams that you already once done.

For myself my illness has stopped my dreams just by causing low self esteem, not believing in my self. My anxiety keeping me afraid of wanting to do certain things. I end up always trying to choose the easiest way, or the way that keeps me from the least amount of interaction with others, or that won’t take that long for me to finish. Depression made me anti-social and along with that I’m just a very unique person, and I felt out of place around people. I would and still do have to adhere too what others like and that is very tiresome. I just want to be me, no matter how weird that is. Also now adding pain to that, I just want to be around someone who understands or at least is sympathetic of my needs.
Well back to my dreams, I want to be a well-known author. Just want lots of people to know my name and my work (writings.) I’ve been doing my best, but it’s been tough a bit to write, with having “brain fog” trying to remember how to spell words and thinking of one word, but typing another. I am to a halt and decided to go back to blogging, because it’s not so much pressure on editing errors. I still have fully gave up at my dream but it’s on slow motion.
I’m a big dreamer, and with chronic fatigue keeping me sleep I dream a lot. Its worked out for me though, because I come up with my best stories, quotes, thoughts in my sleep. I have other dreams but that’s the big one I hope to achieve to the level I always wanted to be. Never give up because anything is possible. For example my grandmother went back to school and at her GED at age six-two. So what’s stopping you? You. Keep going no matter how hard it gets because when you think back one day, you’re be proud of yourself for at least trying.


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