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Mood Swings

February 13, 2014

Mood Swings

My moods range from very sad, happy then grumpy. Oh yeah also anger, I have a short temper depending on the subject matter or situation. I’ve been this way I think all my life even as a young child.
I would go from laughing, to being serious within seem seconds. With the pain of fibromyalgia, it makes me anger, and sad mostly. Add depression along with that; that heightens the level of it. My sad moods become very emotional, depressive moods. And my frustrated moods become very angry moods, because I’m so tired and stressed out from feeling sharp pains, being sore, having headaches that I just want to get away from everything and everybody. And too feel like you being your self, but have love ones react towards you as if you’re wrong all the time. You have an attitude problem or you have issues, you’re crazy. I they just don’t get it, they don’t understand that you really have Jo control over it. It comes and goes, just like your pain. At times I can feel my moods about to change and in advance I say sorry for my actions before hand. Or I go off by myself, which most the time to bed to sleep.
When I’m happy I’m happy, and the worst is when I’m happy, in a great mood the person around me is not. I dislike when I got get them to cheer up, because the negative energy really brings me down. Then it doesn’t help that I feel my sense of humor is different, I may think things are funny, when others don’t. I have to admit I laugh at a lot of different things. And I’m just overall a very unique person, down to music, tv shows I enjoy, how I’m a home-body. Which that’s not from the fibromyalgia, been that way all my life. Even though it’s still unknown if I really had fibromyalgia this whole time, or what. When I was young I was diagnosed with having anxiety then depression, which are things you have along with fibromyalgia, so and the other thing is I’ve always had itchy, sensitive skin, and I got my period at a very very young age and it’s been painful all my life. The question will always wonder in my head. I’m a very emotional person, that’s me.


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