We are WildFlowers

Back At it Again

February 21,2014

Back At It Again

Dusting off the aerobic DVD and did a little over twenty minutes. After deciding to do it, I had to wait because I was putting away clothes, and forgot I had the bottom draw open on the dresser. With the light off in the room I walk in, around and bam, hit my leg. It hurt so bad and at first I was thinking I would have to wait until later, but most of the pain went away enough and I still worked out.
I’ve had a lot of trouble with this same leg, and it hit in the front, which is the worst place. It’s still very sore, and I just know it’s going to cause me problems later after I sleep and wake up.
I’m just proud of myself for being able to move without pain, even though while doing the workout I was snap, crackle and popping. Almost every step, my legs or wherever it was coming from, was making that creaking noise.
Sure enough I’m feeling pain in my leg, which I knew I would. I walked to the mailbox and I’m kind of thinking about (maybe) doing the workout again, but my leg…
I decided that whenever I have the energy I should do the workout, it was just a thought though. It’s only2:41pm and I’m starting to feel depressed because of my thoughts. The sun isn’t out today and weather is calling for thunderstorms. Feeling drowsy and is can’t tell if I’m about to cry it I just have watery-eyes.
At times I’m able to block things out, but when that block it’s pulled away, a stream of thoughts flow and I start to face reality, which is always tough to deal with because I think the only way to fix my reality is to just be completely alone. Is that my only answer or solution? Hope I can lift my spirits back up some time today. If not, tomorrow looks promising.


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