We are WildFlowers

My Friend Pain


My Friend Pain

Lying in bed trying to sleep,
I’m feeling pain move all through my body from head to toe.
Sharp pains in my head, even in my legs.
I’m doing my best to stay focus (I promise),  It’s not easy when you’re fighting against yourself.
It’s me against me,
I don’t want to win, just find a balance.
With jumping muscles and limbs going weak, the aching,
burning feeling,
my eyes close from being tired,
head hurting, but they quickly open back up. Mind is blank,
but full; full of all my sadness about yesterday. I isolated myself once again to spend the day and night with pain.
Pain decided to spend the night,
I don’t know if I want to sleep or cry.

Comments on: "My Friend Pain" (2)

  1. You pretty much nailed it with this poem. Thank you for sharing it. 😎👍


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