We are WildFlowers

Take A God Pill

February 23, 2014

Take A God Pill All Day

I received a message yesterday about staying focus and today I will apply and use it. I took time thinking an I don’t know where it came from, but I found it in me to get up and just exercise. Starting right at midnight, I did twenty minute aerobic workout and almost cried, but went through it. I thought my leg or ankle would give out on me, but I kept focus on the goal to finish and I finished.
The exercising didn’t make me tired enough, it made me hungry, so I ate. Now at 2:35am:  I’m lying in bed trying to sleep and Im feeling pain move all through my body from head to toe. Sharp pains in my head, even in my legs. I’m doing my best to stay focus (I promise) it’s not easy when you’re fighting against yourself. It’s me against me, I don’t want to win, just find a balance.
I take time and I think about all the things that I am blessed with and how much it could be worst. Putting my focus on Gods love and having my mind more on something else helps a bit. Now it’s very hard to forget about the pain, when the pain keeps poking at you over and over again. No matter what, you have to find it within yourself to keep focus on your goals because you can still get them done. As long as you can still move and breathe, you can achieve your goals, doesn’t matter how long it takes you as long as you finish. Never give up, through tears and all, keep going.

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