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Changing of the Day


Day Changing

I’m not feeling as good as I would like, but I’m feeling as good as I can. If there wasn’t enough wrong with me, while in bed sleeping,  I get a hand to the face right in my left eye. Enough aching on my left side as it is, it’s causing some pain around my eye. I feel the need to cry but I’m not (hopefully). But of course the one thing I choose to watch on tv is bringing tears to my eyes.
The start of my day not a good one, but I hope to change it around. I’m going to spend the day with my mother, her birthday is tomorrow so in going to stay the night.
It’s always tough for me now, going to stay at my moms or anyone else place, because being married and getting use to my own surroundings, I have my routine and when it changes my body hates it. Staying out an about for too long, that “kills” me with headaches and aching legs from walking too much. I start to sweat because I have nothing to drink, then if I go and go without eating anything, it’s tough and brings on the sharp pains. Not knowing or having a plan bothers me, I have to go with my mom to her doctors appointment tomorrow morning and all I can think about is how am I going to feel in the morning? Will I be rested enough? I may start off feeling ok but then in any moment things could change. My goal is try my best to not have a bad mood and celebrate my moms birthday. I came out of hiding just for her, which I only go out when I really need to. Sometimes when I want to but a want is not a need and when I go out on a want, most of the times I pay for it.

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