We are WildFlowers

February 25, 2014

Fight With or Against Fibro

“Trust in Him Are you fighting a battle when you should be holding your peace? Choose to stop fighting and trust God to fight for you. That is how to win a battle.”

Are you fighting against your illness? Trying to beat it or win somehow?
The way I see it is if God didn’t want me to have it, he could take it away or I wouldn’t have it at all. Many may not believe in that, but I trust in The Lord and I’m tired of fighting a losing battle. I’ve been looking for a quick fix or some kind of relief, when I did to remain calm and know God is in control of my body, heart and mind.
The condition that fibromyalgia had out me in, caused me to slow down and to focus more on myself, and to think more about my health. It has been an eye opener, but also a struggle. I’ve been fighting with fibromyalgia since 2009, trying to understand it, therefore I’ve been really fighting with myself and trying to understand me.
Fighting with fibromyalgia is a never ending battle, just trying to get people to know its for real and it’s really happening is stressful in itself. I fight to get respect for myself and not get looked at as a lie. I fight with the people who say its just pain or gets all in my head. I fight with the ones who say just get per it, we all go through pain, but you don’t see me not working or being depressed. I fight with Fibro with pride, because it is me and I am a child of God. He still loves me and I listening to him trying to learn from all the test in my life given to me. Fibromyalgia is my biggest test, and the easiest way for the devil to try and get me. I fight against evil intentions everyday because of my pain, it causes me anger and frustration and makes me have a cold heart at times. But my faith in God is strong and he always there and gives me the self control to be able to pull myself back an see my actions. Do I fight? Yes. Do I fight against or with? I fight with all my power for awareness of fibromyalgia against non-believers.


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