We are WildFlowers

Keep Pushing

March 2, 2014

Keep Pushing

I will get up out this bed and push myself a little more today, why? Because I know I can and even with a slow pace I can still make it to where I want to be, just not when I thought. It’s not up to me, my life that is… Someone else [God] is in control of my life and I have to be able to do my best to keep focus on him so I can reach and receive all he had for me.
Today I’m so happy to see and feel the sun out, having it shine down on me is like God shining his love upon me. Best walk I’ve had this year so far. I’ve been so cold lately and I’m ready for spring to be in full effect, but that doesn’t mean I won’t have road blocks in my way. Spring brings pollen and all kinds if things that will have me stuffed up, sneezing, and watery eyes. I have to be strong and get through that to keep on my goal of bettering myself. I have to burn this fat off and get this extra weight off my body that’s weighing me down. I have enough burdens on my shoulders that I carry around, this weight I can beat if I can’t beat anything else. With Gods will I may succeed, it’s help I stop doubting myself and fully believe in me as God believes in me and knows he created me in his light to live this life he’s given me.
I will do my best never to take another day, I wake up for granted.

“Simon (Peter) answered, Master, we toiled all night [exhaustingly] and caught nothing [in our nets]. But on the ground of Your word, I will lower the nets [again].”
—Luke 5:5

“God has blessings and new opportunities in store for us. To receive them we must hear His voice so we can perceive them and then take steps of faith toward them. This often means doing things we don’t feel like doing, may not think will work, or may not feel are important. But our trust and reverence toward God must be greater than what we personally want, think, or feel.”


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