We are WildFlowers

Love Yourself

March 3, 2014

Love Myself

Today I am choosing to look in the mirror and love everything I see, because I keep trying to change me; when I should only be focused on becoming a better me. But I must accept how I am, so I can be happy in case this is it. If I wake up every day from now on like it am now, I should be happy and love me.
Hoping to be better each day is great and to rid of all my aches and pains would be wonderful, but would I know what to do with myself then? Would I then be normal? Or normal in others eyes. What if I woke up everyday in love with myself despite any health conditions. God loves me despite it, and he didn’t bring me to this to harm me, nor did he bring me through a storm just to keep me spinning around in a tornado.
I believe my troubles are leading me into a mission unseen, I’m changing in a much bigger; deeper way than it can be explained.
God has a bigger mission set for me, and no I don’t think I’m special or anything, just I’m about to be age thirty this year and I still haven’t found my way, nor have I found my true calling. I believed it to be writing and I’ve set out to become an author, but something that’s meant for me shouldn’t be so hard to fit in right? I’m not sure, but I don’t want to force it if that is not Gods plan for me.
Maybe it’s what I’m writing, should I switch from fiction to non-fiction, because I’m good at telling the truth, than making something up.
All I know is I will love myself no matter what. It’s time I stop being my worse enemy and end this war with myself.


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