We are WildFlowers

Past is the Present

March 5, 2014

Past is the Present

It’s said you must, have too, need too let go of the past, forget it to be able to move on and be happy. I agree with that, but what if your what happened in your past is also happening in your present time, but on another level. It’s either a different person, same person, different situation or the same situation that you thought you moved on from but just doesn’t want to go away. It takes all parties in the matter to want to move on.[change] I truly believe if the people who say they love me could be more understanding, as I’m understanding of them when they get upset or act a fool. Even when thy just want to talk, I listen and even give my feedback on whatever. I don’t get the same in return, I get cut off, not listened too and it makes me very sad. The one person that does ask me what’s on my mind, and actually enjoys hearing and listening to me talk, I can’t see or spend time with. I went from being at home with my mother, having to do as she say and getting threats, kicked out and working to help pay bills. My now husband moved into the home with my mother and I, then we got married and moved out [somewhat by force] we had to pick the first cheap place we could get. Now living with just my husband, things were the same. I felt alone and misunderstood and no one to talk to, and so forth. So my past became my present and I’m trying not to let this become my future, but one thing that seems will always be with me as well is fibromyalgia, It’s been my whole life. Among other things it will be my future, I just hope I learn how to manage it with everything else wrong with my life.


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