We are WildFlowers

A Calm Day

March 8, 2014

Calm Day

“I have told you these things, that My joy and delight may be in you, and that your joy and gladness may be of full measure and complete and overflowing.”
—John 15:11

This calming feeling came sometime late last night and is still with me this morning. I have no idea why I am so at peace at the moment, well maybe it’s not at peace, I’m just silent for most part. So that’s stick with the word calm, I feel self control over me today. I want to enjoy and relax this day, and not allow my moods to change it.
Example: I got up today got dressed and all to walk into the living room to find things my husband had left everywhere, normally I would kind I make a pal for him to see, and like him pick up his own mess. But today it wasn’t that much, do I picked up the little trash and moved clothes out the way. Overall I was still calm an ready to sit to relax.

It is a warm day outside one once or maybe the second time this year so far and I would love to go out, do something with my husband like shoot basketball. Never know of he will agree or not, so not sure right now if I will ask him; due to the fact he’s still sleeping. It is a big day for the both of us because we are really into college basketball, out favorite team is North Carolina Tarheels [UNC] and they play against their rivalry today Duke tonight at nine o’clock. I really enjoy these times not just because I’m a fan but because this is one thing that truly brings my husband and I together and there seem not to be much togetherness these days.
With my fear of causing more pain to myself, or already being in pain, to everything else in between, I choose to stay home a lot. And it’s come to an routine where he will just decide for me and say he has it and he me back later.  So like I said I really want to enjoy this time together.
Calm day today, I even have a smile on my face for no reason and a little giggle here and there. Fibromyalgia will not ruin my day today.


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