We are WildFlowers

Sunday Cleaning

March 9, 2014

Sunday Cleaning

Hopped up and decided to stay up, but don’t know why. Clothes needed to be washed, do I got to that, thought to myself, “Well this floor needs to be swept.” So I started to sweep, started finding things like a cookie that had rolled under the coffee table. (This is why I clean) If I did not clean this trash would just be there, adding up over time.
As I sweep and sweep, I begin to feel a not so good feeling in my lower back. I sweep on because I’m almost done. It’s a great workout I tell you, after sweeping into the dustpan. Putting the broom back up, washer going, I was tired. Yes sad but true, I was still tired when I got up out I bed and decided to stay up. I want to go back to sleep now, but can I? Only my body will know, it seems to do what it wants, when it wants.
Whew, just moved around a bit, now I have stomach cramping. The floor needs mopping, but I have to save that for another day.
Head feels kind of heavy, could a migraine be on its way? Maybe, starting to feel sick all of a certain. The life of fibromyalgia is very unpredictable, you just never know how your day will be, no matter how much you force yourself to believe it will be good, the pain will find you when you least expect it.
Sunday cleaning, just a little straightening up that’s all.
Now on to putting the clothes in the dryer, and ponder if I’m going to end my day and go back to bed, an try again later.
Sunday always seems so peaceful, day of rest and maybe for some CLEANING.


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