We are WildFlowers

Voice of Reasoning

March 11, 2014

Voice of Reason

It’s only a whisper, but it can be loud if you’re willing to open your heart and listen.
I’ve been trying to pay attention to Gods voice in my heart and my thoughts.

My friend called me yesterday , that he was just calling to see how I was, he ha been worried about me. When he heard me speak he asked, “Why are you breathing so heavy?” I just told him because I want feeling well and had been having really bad headaches since Saturday. But after getting off the from that call I thought how he is the only one who’s noticed that and pays attention to me that close, he had me noticing myself even though I thought I knew, but guess I had been trying not to think on it. I was now questioning myself, why am I breathing so hard.

Also I had the weirdest dream ever last night, I dreamed that like almost all my teeth just came out. I don’t know what that means, but all I could do is think about how much stressed I’ve been under since last month and still now, and my hair is still coming out a lot. So it was fear of things getting worst for me. I am taking to signs telling me that it’s now or never. So I’m back at it again, going strong, hoping I don’t burn out again but I shut down in the whole month of February and that was not good, I am paying for it now. Today I got up and I’m loving this warm day. I did 24mins 1.01miles on treadmill. Yesterday I did 35mins 1.41miles I’m so proud of myself right now. I can’t worry about the next day I can only focus on today & today I’m strong in spirit & mind.


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