We are WildFlowers

March 14, 2014

Just Do It

Just do it isn’t just a slogan for Nike, it’s really a like slogan. Just Fo It, how many times have you had to tell yourself that over and over again until you finally get up the motivation or courage to do so.
How many times with having a chronic illness have you said that and it just didn’t work? Many times right? I know I have tried to convince myself plenty of times and just couldn’t do it. I have come from a long, long way. I’m seeing with a new light, walking down a new path. It’s not easy when you’re used to dealing with things one way for years, but it feels so much better hoping for the best, but not greeting fooled by the fake. A lot of people with pain live by the rule of well it won’t hurt to try, but what if it does? It won’t hurt to try out The Lord either, if you don’t know him then how don’t you know if he will work as well. I’m pretty sure you work hard for your money, many have families to take care of, or live on a fixed income. Don’t waste money on any and everything, think about all the things you’ve tried and it didn’t really help, how many meds have been given to you by doctors and it just doesn’t quite fix the issue? You have to change your mind-set, work on believing in yourself again, and know with God you can get your life back. And know you’re are going to be different anyhow, because you’re getting older, and hopefully wiser. We change as we learn and we learn that just maybe how we were living our lives wasn’t the right way. But I hate to hear when people say things like they don’t dance anymore, why. Please get back on the dance floor if only for a few minutes but don’t allow fibromyalgia or any illness take your joy and life completely. [ IT IS JUST A TEST] don’t allow the devil to make you fail.

I don’t believe in anything being the “answer” to fixing our pain. I don’t agree with  people spending their money on every and anything. First and foremost I don’t have money to waste like that. I am a strong believer in the one who created us all [God] he is what gives me strength and hope. He is the one that has us on some kind of mission. I truly believe if he didn’t want us to have this we would not have it. I can say and believe this because he saved my life many times and I don’t know why. But having this Yes it did change my life, but it changed for the better and I now see that. It has forced me to slow down and take better care of myself, and much more I wasn’t doing. We can’t allow this to stop us, and make us feel less than anyone. Everyone feels pain, we just happen to feel it more often. You still have to find the joy, love and hope in life. Block out all that bs and focus more on God. #IJustNeedALittleMoreJesus


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