We are WildFlowers

Bi-Polar Weather

March 13, 2014

Bi-Polar Weather

Another cold day, with spots of warmth here and there, but overall just cold. A warm day here and then it’s gone.
With being cold today, along with that came my monthly friend [period] so I’m cold and body is aching and cramps are on extra.
Even though despite that I got up and got dressed and went shopping for groceries, went better than most times. We all with fibromyalgia know how it can be somewhat stressful and with having brain fog. My husband grabbed the list [always a good thing] in case I forget it. After coming out from the store and in the car I had to open a powerade I got because my breathing was becoming heavy and I hadn’t had anything to drink or eat all day.
Last week I was having severe headaches and then became breathing really heavy, I had almost forgot I had high blood pressure, I hadn’t even thought about it a good while. I have been slacking off lately, so I’m back trying to get back on the right path. Slowly but not stopping.
I came freezing and I don’t know if I’m the only one dealing with high energy bill because of running the heat. I’ve tried to get by just using the heating pad and stuff but when my arms and legs become too cold,  I get this dull, weak like feeling in them and it aches sometimes burns. Wearing a lot of clothes can be so uncomfortable, I would rather just be warm.
I know that once it is warm I’m going to wish it was cool [maybe] I hope I get some kind of relief and more energy from it warming up and I will be able to keep motivation of exercising.
I am just thankful to not be getting any worst.
I just accept that cold, warm, spring, summer, fall, winter, it doesn’t matter my fibromyalgia pain will always be there. But I don’t always have to allow it to keep me in one place or keep me down.


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