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A Days Worth

March 24, 2014

A Days Worth

What is your day worth you to?
How many times have you felt like getting up for the day is not worth it?
For me like always some days are better than others, but on those good days I just can’t think positive enough to tell myself. “You know what the next day will be just as good.” I could do something one day and be ok, try doing it the next day and it might not go so well. Or even go as long as a week, then I shut down and I can’t handle something. I think then worst would be the migraine and tension headaches. I can workout and when I’m done, I can a headache. I can’t seem to win from losing. I have to ask must, “is it worth it?” “Is it worth my day?” I feel sometimes its best if I just stay in bed as long as I can, but that becomes comfortable after too long.
There as never been one thing that I. An do that is going to keep the pain away, and there never will be. The average healthy person, I’m sure it’s a headache from time I time, or ache or pain. So some pain is common, but with fibromyalgia it’s all the time, if you’re lucky you get a break every now and then.
I have to say getting up to exercise, it’s worth my day. Because when I go a long period without, putting on extra weight, I feel horrible more worst than ever. And it’s worth getting up on a nice day to see the sun, see the blue skies. That is worth a day.
When I’m able to get up and get up everything I needed to get done, then lay back down to rest from doing those things. That is worth my day, to say I did it and got things done.
I may not feel it everyday, I may be too sleepy to wake up some days, or to weak to do anything. But today I’m telling myself IT IS WORTH IT.


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