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Wake Up/Get Up To Start

March 25, 2014

Wake Up/Get Up To Start

When you wake up give praise to God, and say “Thank You, Lord. I give You the sacrifice of praise. I give You myself, a living sacrifice, ready to live for You today.”

For me I’m already up when the new day is here, I’m still up from the night before. Depending on how I feel or if I just can’t fall asleep, I’m dozing off around three in the morning. Surprising though sometimes I still end up waking up later in the morning latest around eleven.
We all have our own things we do when we wake up, but I always like to have some quiet time in a room alone, to just think and figure out what I’m going I do for that day, and also tell myself how I will feel today. Because you sometimes have to lie to yourself, until you believe that you’re going to be alright.
Sometimes my days start off good and then turn into a headache, I mean that literally, I get a headache [migraine, tension.] or my days start off terrible and if I’m lucky they become better, sometimes though it becomes a sleep fest.
In those good days though, waking up is like a breath of fresh air and I’m ready for whatever comes my way. I feel strong and just want to keep that feeling all day. Getting up and getting dressed is for me a sign I must go somewhere or at least take a walk outside.
Even if I don’t go anywhere, you have to get up and do at least one thing, if only to straighten something up in your home. I like to get up and walk to the mailbox, I will admit sometimes that is the only exercise I do, and the only time I walk outside. So staying in an apartment, I have a little nice walk to the mailbox. And depending on how it is out and how my body feels I may take a longer walk.
I can tell you if it wasn’t for my faith, I would not be still going strong. When my body is weak, I am still strong in spirit. In my times of weakness I still give praise and thank The Lord and in my time of resting, I meditate on my next plan of waking up and getting up to start.


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