We are WildFlowers


April 8, 2014


I am not the toe that gets sick easily, I never get a fever; so when I do have one I know something is terribly wrong. My husband speaks proudly about how his wife never gets sick, funny thing huh; when everyday I’m in pain. But pain and being sick is two different things. I have to say today I feel sick, and how I feel made me think about how people say fibromyalgia feels like having the flu but it never goes away. I’ve had the low-grade fever many times, but I’ve started coughing and my body aches and feels so weak. Nothing helps, sitting up to lying down, it doesn’t matter. Pain and more pain is what I feel. Everyday that I go through the month of April so far is getting worst am worst. It started off ok and had me fooled into thinking good changes was ahead, but nope. Headaches are growing back to the height they were, I guess the little short while I had of hope is gone. Fatigue and Insomnia are my friends now.

“Flu-like symptoms that just don’t go away can be experienced with FM. Lymph nodes are engorged, energy is compromised and the body experiences varying levels of pain in its musculoskeletal structure.”
“Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are closely related and are often confused, but what they bare in common is the stress that these conditions put on the immune system.”
“Chronic pain takes a tremendous amount of energy from the reserves. This drain of energy makes the FM sufferer more susceptible tible to common flu and viruses. On occasion, a low grade fever can accompany these symptoms making the discomfort even more intense.”
“Establishing proper pH in the body ensures that vulnerability to pathogens is not even a possibility. Viruses, funguses and bacteria cannot exist in an internal environment where the pH is balanced. As you detoxify the body and re-establish the inner terrain, your resistance to diseases and conditions will increase significantly. Now that’s good news!-



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