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Take Action

April 11, 2014

Take Action

Today is the day I want to take action towards eating better, eating healthier. It’s not going to be easy, but I’m starting with salads. Salads is my key to lunch and dinner.

How have you decided to take action towards your chronic illness?

There is so much that one has to do to get there self back on track. You can’t just simply take some medication and be done. With having fibromyalgia, most medications don’t even work for most people, or make things worst, even may cause even more symptoms.

Having the motivation to exercise and keep doing it can be tough. So the easy start of course is with the food that you consume.

The salad eating is going well but I haven’t kicked the exercising into action yet, because of having my monthly cycle. I’m hoping I will get back at that tread climber soon. One step at a time.

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