We are WildFlowers

Feeling of Freedom

April 17, 2014

Feeling of Freedom

What makes you feel free? Makes you feel “normal” again?

The one thing that is always nice is getting away from your environment for awhile, not that it’s bad just that getting away from your daily routine to do nothing and just relax is relaxing.
Going to the beach is my thing, watching the waves, looking out to the ocean and the best part is I get my husband to myself, without his phone ringing and someone calling to ask him to do something and no work. You forget all about bills and other stresses.
Having some attention from someone who loves you is another thing that helps. It always makes me feel free when I’m laughing and going back and forth with someone telling each how how much we love one another. I think that’s something that happens at the beginning of a relationship and doesn’t seem to last long enough [puppy love.] I think its important to keep that affection and attention going no matter how long you are with someone, or how old you are.
Being in a room with people having fun, makes me feel more like there’s nothing going on with me, I’m just like everyone else.

Feeling of freedom can also come when you’re alone as well, it’s called Peace of Mind. Having peace of mind is the best feeling, and you just know when it happens, because you are content with everything and everyone. And that feeling of no stress, oh how I wish I could feel that all the time.



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