We are WildFlowers

Calm Fibro

May 6, 2014

Calm Fibro

Lord, I pray that no matter what difficulties or problems I face today, I will choose to rejoice anyway!

I’m feeling calm today, really started last night and it’s more like a blah feeling as I sit up today. It’s a bright, sunny warm day outside and I just don’t feel the need to go out. Kind of a feeling of not wanting to show my face. I don’t have anything to say to anyone and how I feel will read in my eyes. I wear a blank stare, that says it all.

Calm with Fibro is when you feel the pain but you’re so numb to it, that you have not much of a reaction. Your face expression may change but no sound you make.

Calming your Fibro, can it really be done. Well for me not really, you have to say “Fuck It” and do what you have to do anyway. At least as long as you can, because believe me Fibro is a bully and it will get you. Fibro will break you down to your knees and the only thing you have left to do is pray.

Fatigue has my mind full of empty thoughts and I’m just here going in and out. Eyes become heavy, they close then open again.



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