We are WildFlowers

Pain Pain Go Away

May 5, 2014

Pain Pain Go Away

If it was only as easy as saying, “Pain pain go away come back never.”

Emotional level is at a 8.5 or 9 right now and by tomorrow I have no idea how I’m going to be. I’m already on edge about to burst into tears at any second.

Fibromyalgia mixed with menstrual cycle is not a party, it’s my hell. That no one around me knows I’m going through and could not imagine the pain that is flowing through me.

Every few minutes to an hour the pain gets worst and my mind becomes more depressed. Tension in my shoulders and going down my back, into my legs. Aching arms, hands, feet and toes. Around my eyes [eyeballs hurt] into my neck.

Pain pain go away, you are not my friend today and NEVER WILL BE. I feel like I’m going to be cripple but I’m moving slowly. Slowly I’m getting sleepy and that must mean I’m weak and fatigue is kicking in. When oh when will this pain end? It goes away and then it comes right back again.


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