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Your Angels

May 7, 2014

Your Angels

Do you feel that you have angels watching over you?
I know I do, because in the situations I’ve been in; in my life I had to have help around me.
Does it sometimes feel like someone in your life could be an angel? Think about it, maybe one person that you may not see or talk to very often, but when you do it always seems to be right on time.
God puts people in out life to help us in many ways. We are suppose to help each other. You could be someone’s saving angel and not even know it.
God has sent his angels down to comfort me.
To strengthen me,
To give me the hope I need.
When my mood changed and a smile comes upon my face; that is the work if the most powerful. My father in heaven who loves me and protects me from all.
Many may want to be mad and upset at him and feel as though he must hate you for giving you this pain in your life. [fibromyalgia] and for some it may be a curse but for me it’s a blessing. We all have out path to follow and God had already made his plans for us, it’s just apart of the journey. No matter where I go or where I am the time will be hard if I allow evil and negativity to control me. As long as I stay focus on the Lord I will be protected.
The angels come help me all the time, and I know they help you too.

So the devil left him. Then some angels came to Jesus and helped him. (Matthew 4:11 ERV)

Comments on: "Your Angels" (2)

  1. Jeanine said:

    Thank you for these words. Ive always felt I had angels watching over me. Most of my family is gone to heaven. I only have my 3 bot s & my wonderful soulmate beside me but I always have what I call my balcony people who sit in heaven watching over me, cheering me on & at times intervening when needed.


    • It’s an awesome feeling and blessing. We have to hold on tight to our faith and if I was truly alone I would not make it, there are powers at work from God. I thank him everyday for the people I have and the ones he blessed me with that have passed.


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