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Internal Tremor

May 15, 2014

Internal tremor

“This is a feeling of general shakiness, often accompanied by a sensation of vibration inside the body.”

Today is a rainy, stormy day with flash flood/thunderstorm warnings and I’ve been feeling like my body is shaking all over, but mostly just top half like my hands, arms, face/head, my torso. It’s not shaking to the point I can not hold anything, but it feels uncontrollable a bit. Don’t think it can be seen though, which makes me feel even more crazy, because I can’t tell anyone, they can’t see my body shaking. I’m not even sure if my vibration can be felt.

The one thing I do know can be noticed is when I talk while having one of these moments, my voice shakes a bit, along with me trying to catch my breathe. But it takes someone who really pays attention to me to notice it.

I’ve been feeling these tremors all day, and it concerns me sometimes because I’ve heard of some people with fibromyalgia or other illnesses like it or connected to it, they speak of having seizures. Having trembling makes me scared of my whole body stiffing up and I really may one day start to shake uncontrollably. Most of what I’ve read from other people say they only feel it when lying down or waking up, a little while sitting. But I feel it while sitting up and lying down trying to rest. And just this morning when I got up, then laid back down it started, I knew I needed to go back to sleep and get more rest for it to stop. When in sleep I do not notice it, but when I say up I began to feel it again.

I just hope one day I will figure all this out and be able to know what works for me and what doesn’t. I will no my limits and have my life with fibromyalgia figured out.

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