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Chronically Dehydrated

May 16, 2014

Chronically Dehydrated

I never feel thirsty a lot, it takes a long time for me to become thirsty. My mouth gets very dry, or throat bothers me, and I drink. I do more drinking when I eat, because it makes me thirsty.

“chronically dehydrated people USUALLY feel no thirst.”
“The long-time dehydration has deleted their
thirst instinct. However, true thirst will
return during the days and weeks that you
rehydrate yourself.”
I tend to drink to fast, so I drink my water ice cold which I’ve read may not be that good for someone in my condition. I have noticed drinking like hot tea helps with my stomach, I end up drinking my water at room temperature sometimes, even though it doesn’t taste as good to me that way. Drinking the recommend amount of water everyday is so difficult for me. And when drinking just no more than two or three glasses of water, keeps me going to the bathroom over and over again, so think of when I drink more than that [its crazy.]
That alone makes me not want to drink anymore for the day because I’m tried of going to the bathroom.
And it takes me forever to fall asleep at night, seems like as soon as I’m sleeping good, I have to get up to go pee. Then I have to hope I fall straight back to sleep.

“Dehydration occurs when the amount of water leaving the body is greater than the amount being taken in. The body is very dynamic and always changing. This is especially true with water in the body. We lose water routinely when we:
breathe and humidified air leaves the body (this can be seen on a cold day when you can see your breath in the air, which is just water that has been exhaled);
sweat to cool the body; and
eliminate waste by urinating or having a bowel movement.
In a normal day, a person has to drink a significant amount of water to replace this routine loss.
The formula for daily fluid requirements depends upon an individual’s weight.”

“One more analogy: The oil in your car keeps
metals in your engine from rubbing against
one another. In your body, water keeps your
cartilage strong, discs hydrated, and joints
floating. If your car runs out of oil, it stops. When your body runs short of water,
important parts of it come to a stop. That may sound overly simple, but it’s a deep truth.” –


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