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May 18, 2014


I drink while eating, I just can’t seem to wait until after my meal. Also I love spicy/hot food. I do many things that may be considered “wrong” but with all the pain I suffer with, it makes one feel as if I at least deserve to eat what I want. I don’t want pain to take away all I love.
How many times have you ate and then laid down afterwards? I must admit I’ve done this too be many times and most times have been late at night which is another no-no. I’ve even sat up in the living room after eating a meal, only to end up stretched out on the couch or reclined in the recliner chair.
Having that feeling of everything upping back up your throat is the worst, and I have moments of almost throwing up and I get this bad taste in my mouth. It feels like I shallowed vomit. Yeah I know it’s gross but true.

I busy sleeping trying to get enough rest, miss out on eating breakfast even lunch most days. So by the time I’m up feeling okay I’m eating dinner and I’m really hungry, I over eat, or with food plus the water intake it makes me more full which causes me to feel bad. Then when I’m just plan busy, I don’t eat. On the other hand when food is limited one can’t eat much. Maybe one meal is all you have, and I have those moments where I have nothing to snack on. This is something I deal with everyday along with many other things.

What Are the Symptoms of Indigestion?
The symptoms of indigestion include:
Bloating (full feeling)
Belching and gas
Nausea and vomiting
Acidic taste
Growling stomach
Burning in the stomach or upper abdomen
Abdominal pain
These symptoms may increase in times of stress.
People often have heartburn (a burning sensation deep in the chest) along with indigestion. But heartburn is caused by stomach acids rising into the esophagus.


Comments on: "Indigestion" (5)

  1. Just saw this post. Has your digestion improved now? Mine is so so so bad it’s killing me 😦


    • No I feel it’s worst. Lately I feel terrible after eating anything. Sometimes I don’t want to eat, I eat just because I know it’s something I should do LOL but I can go almost all day without eating and yesterday I only ate because food was offered to me. 🙂 my taste buds are changing it feels like I’m getting tired of food. I even get sick sometimes just drinking. I drink too much water or not enough. I think I read I should sip throughout the day 🙂


      • Yeah sipping throughout the day helps apparently. Ugh I’ve lost my appetite and my weight 😦 abdomen is on fire always . I hope your digestion gets better soon cos the gut is the key to almost everything. You know even eating a little make me bloat or causes pain. It’s so exhausting especially when the food looks appetising. And I can’t eat mist of the stuff ny folks eat so I see their food and feel worse LOL. Are you on medication for your digestion?


  2. *Most. Excuse my typos. Fibro fog lol


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