We are WildFlowers

Fibro the Trickster

May 21, 2015

Fibro the Trickster

How can one have energy when in so much pain? Very good question, I you have the answer please let me know.

I feel totally crazy because I get these moments of energy, and i want to just be free and let loose.

Today my have tension in my upper back, shoulders into my arms, even my hands ache, but of course we all know you have to move around and do some stretches so you don’t become or remain stiff. I feel the pain but I want to move. Kind I flowing with the current so to speak, but it’s a set up you see.

Fibro is a trickster and loves to fool you into believing the pain is not there and it’s not going to ruin your day, but before you know it BAM! It hit you. I’m concerned about having spasms today but I have to try and work out this tension no matter work. I feel some relief but at the same time I feel I’m making it worst.

I’ve been Trembling a lot lately more than I ever have. Just now it started up again but I actually saw my finger twitching/jumping. Which normally I just feel the shaking so it’s weird to see it and I have no control over it.

Anyways back to the energy boost thing, I put on my head phones and listened to music while dancing (walking, moving) around for little over an hour. As I moved I felt free and focused on the beats and rhythm in my ears. I stretched and felt the cracks and pops. As I rolled my shoulders and lifted my arms, for a moment there I had pain on my left ankle but I kept moving.

I got eight glasses of water down today (20oz size glass) and not to brag but I also had intercourse. Like I said ENERGY!

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