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Depression The Killer

May 25, 2014

Depression The Killer

Depression the killer no one wants to talk about, the thing that people don’t believe, the thing people think is easy to get over and live a healthy “normal” life.
Today I’m having those weird, crazy thoughts and urges that u get from time to time. A real high feeling to very low. Sometimes my thoughts make me feel as if I just may be actually crazy and insane. I have the thoughts, but I don’t have the heart to act on any of them. How do I know that? Well I’ve made admits a few times, but nothing happen. I can’t take my own life, so I live with my pain and I just take it.
Thank God he gave me a gift of expression and the ability to open up and be honest with myself. I know many people find the gift of writing, but for me it’s a way out of my mind. I decided that I would take my thoughts and make them into stories. But it’s not as easy as it may sound. I’m scared of what I may write, but year after year I break through that fear just a little bit at a time. And my book writing as came to a halt, because my mind just doesn’t want to focus. I can’t figure out words, my thoughts are all over the place or just plain blank. Writing for my blog seems all I can do now. Time will tell.

I HAVE VERY DEEP WOUNDS AND THEY STILL HURT, I STILL CRY AND EVERY TIME I THINK I’VE GOTTEN OVER THEM, I HAVENT. Fibromyalgia pain gives me a reason for the pain I feel, after years of hurting inside, now I really feel it. Still no one believes but it’s slowly starting to be seen.

Satan would like you to believe that God cannot redeem the brokenness of inner wounds. You know the wounds unseen. God is Jehovah your ask Him to pour His healing into the most intimate areas of your heart?

Action Step: Talk to God about the hidden wounds you have assumed He could never heal.


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