We are WildFlowers

Walking Zombie Feeling

May 26, 2014

Walking Zombie Feeling

For a few days now my ankle has been aching, and my legs being sore, burning, aching and a dual weak feeling. From my thighs all the way down to my feet.

I feel that but still I have a numbing feeling, and I feel nothing. I’m breathing but I feel like my heart is gone today.

Hours later I don’t feel well, I feel sick and I look sick. Like the way my lips look and the dark pigmentation under my eyes.

I guess I’m having a flare day,? I’m not sure, well I’m never sure. What I feel changes like the wind. I feel crazy and sometimes I feel like I’m becoming sicker and maybe there’s something more serious with me and that scares and worries me.

Scarp headache pains, hurt very much and makes me feel like something is very wrong with my brain. I want to cry, why does it have to hurt so badly.

I think the only person who could see something wrong with me is my mom. No one else knows what to look for. Maybe I don’t even know what I’m looking for or at.

I feel heavy today, like I’m weighed down and I’m having such a hard time breathing, it seems like I’m going into a panic attack, but why? Worry, Stress, Pain. Walking is not fun today, I get weaker with every step.



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