We are WildFlowers

May 27, 2014

Pain of Yesterday compared to Today

The start of yesterday, I wasn’t feeling well, and all I wanted was some hot tea, sweeten by honey. I drove myself to the store, and while inside. I stood on the coffee and juice aisle, staring at the different boxes of teas and as I tried to make a choice… My heart skipped a beat, I gasped for air.
After waiting in line to checkout, and walking back to the car I sat in the car breathing heavy and unsure if I would be able to drive back home, but I had no other choice. I had to pull myself together and I did. Back at home I felt my body trembling.

The start of today though has been awesome, I am all smiles and no pain can ruin the happiness in my heart. Speaking to the ones that love you as much as you love then changes everything and makes it better.

I’m forgetting about yesterday and enjoying this day, and I want it to last as long as it can because I have no pain right now.


Comments on: "Pain of Yesterday compared to Today" (5)

  1. littleannab said:

    Reblogged this on Diamond Eyes and commented:
    Hoping for this


    • It may not last when it happens but when moments like this happen I try to enjoy the most out of them. I have no idea how tomorrow I will feel but I can’t worry about it today.


  2. Indeed, stay pain-and-panic-fand flare-free as long as possible and do something fun. Sometimes I need to “notice” these days so my mind won’t get away with, “It’s always this way, always was, always will be.” Enjoy!


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