We are WildFlowers

Wake Up

June 1, 3014

Wake Up

Wake up, wake up; it’s the first of the month. Easier said than done; when the night before you was wide awoke because you slept all day, and needed up not going to sleep at night. Anyways, yesterday my husband fell asleep; because he was tried and I did not bother them. Slept all day and morning like “normal” people. I go to bed about the same time I have for months now; like 3:30 or 4am I fall asleep but not really. I think I’m sleep but actually I’m just lying there.
Of course he wakes up and is ready to start the day, but I’m yawning heavy and it’s a little after nine in the morning. Around 12:30pm he ask, “When are you going to wake up?” How does someone who is fatigued answer that question?
Get up and do this, is all you hear and your body does not care, no one seems to understand when it comes to you; that you need more sleep. When I am well rested I am a better person, I think more clearly, my body functions better.
It is only 2:30pm right now and I am up, just sitting in the living room; feeling the pain jump and move around my body. Just feeling the weakness and dullness of my limbs.
I’m sitting up in this chair about to fall back to sleep again.

Uninterrupted sleep; that is all that’s needed to be able to really wake up.


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