We are WildFlowers

June 2, 2014

Get Out and Have Some Fun

There are many times where I try not to go anywhere and of course not do too much, because I know it will just make things worst for me.
Well yesterday my legs were bothering me, actually no it was my entire body, it was a dull, burning, aching pain; also along with weakness. When I husband told me we had been invited to go over to a cookout with some cousins, I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to go or not. Surprisingly I did not hesitate much and agreed to go. Then I wouldn’t have to cook for one.

Getting dressed and about to go be around people only concerns me when they start to ask questions about me, you know getting too personal. This was going to be a small crowd so I knew I would feel ok and comfortable around everyone.
From the moment I got there I was laughing and it was a unstop the whole time.

Time in the pool, watching a game of basketball, eating good food off the grill and just good family and friends.

Sometimes you have to just let go and and step out and enjoy yourself again. I didn’t think about pain at all the whole time and really because I didn’t feel any. But after getting back home and just stopping and relaxing; that is when I started to feel the aches. When my body is at rest, it’s like the pain settles and I start to feel it all. But at least I have a day that I won’t forget and I had fun.


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