We are WildFlowers

Drowsy Day

June 8, 2014

Drowsy Day

Like always I didn’t fall asleep until early morning, so that means sleeping in the afternoon. Surprisingly I get a phone call from my brother a little after one o’clock and woke me up from very good sleep. Said him and my nephew was coming to see me, so I decided to go ahead and get up; because if I didn’t I would have still been sleep.
Of course as I waited, I ate and sat up watching tv and he text me saying he was at a cookout and would be on the way.
Still hour or so later I’m still waiting, my eyes are becoming heavy; I feel drowsy and I want to go to sleep.
I text him and ask how much longer he will be, I don’t know what time he planned on coming by, but I told him just call and come by tomorrow. This way I can get back comfortable [take bra off] and be ready for tomorrow. I have to prepare myself for company and to go places.
9pm and I’m in and out; eyes close them open back up.
It’s been a long but short day. I’m so out of it and my mind is becoming foggy.

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