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Just Another Day

June 19, 2014

Just Another Day

Woke up today thinking and feeling today will just be another day. Me and my husband went to look at a townhouse for rent; despite him being a little sick we kept our appointment. And it was a very nice place which made me happy, hoping we can get it.

Also it was a very hot day out, so when I got back in and ate I was tired. I lied down and was relaxed and eyes were getting heavy, I was also gone but not quite. So while I’m relaxing, I was home alone and a knock comes on the door and I think maybe it’s coming from another apartment. Then again another knock but it’s louder. I hop up, grab my robe and answer the door.

To my surprise it was my brother, it’s been so long since I’ve seen him. I was so happy, we talked and laughed for a good awhile until a storm was about to come so he had to head out. That really made my day so much better.

So if that wasn’t enough I had posted something on my FB support page and I later checked and had a message. The Lady told me thank you for my two posts I posted because those words she needed to hear. She said I saved her life. That right there gives me a reason to keep being me and keep doing what I do. I’m very emotional about it and just thankful I shared what was on my heart.

This is one post I posted today:
God is who created us and he has control over us, but so does evil; Evil is what will make us kill ourselves. But God continues to wake us up every morning to start a new day, God is who gives us air to breathe. If He did not want us here we wouldn’t be. Just because we are in pain doesn’t mean it’s our time to go. When He is ready for us he will take us, but until then He will keep giving us the strength to keep going no matter what. #Believe #Faith #Hope #Prayer


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