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Will He Leave

June 21, 2014

Will He Leave

I feel like a burden;
He loved me and he stayed.
He loves me but had no idea what he was getting himself into.
Just last night he said I can be hard to please;
Please, please, please.
Matter fact I don’t think he will leave; but he just won’t love me as much.
I will feel no love and I may be the one to leave.
Can I stand to be alone?
It scares me; the thought.
Sometimes the only thing that keeps me going, is knowing that someone’s coming home to me.
But sometimes it sucks because I still have to comfort myself.
I have a provider and it’s a blessing, but I miss having a lover and a friend.
I get a lover every now and then;
I get a friend when he feels the need to blow wind.
I’m just rambling and this means nothing; may not even be true, but if it is…
I hope he doesn’t leave.


Comments on: "Will He Leave" (3)

  1. I also hope he doesn’t leave, but the feelings you express are powerful — the desire to have more.


  2. I recently offered my hubby freedom, if he wanted it. We have been married 5 years & I have really went downhill healthwise in that length of time. He said no & reminded me of the vows (in sickness & in health) we took when we got married. I think he deserves better than what I can offer him as far as a marriage goes. He has always been loving & supportive in dealing with my illness.

    I hope you come to a peaceful resolution in your heart & with your husband about your marriage. Struggling with the pain & loss that comes with this illness shouldn’t be added onto with worries about our spouse’s reactions/feelings.


    • Thanks for your message and I have been married for five years as well. He has been showing his love again a lot more lately showing and reminding me of his love, tough times have brought us closer and he is being thought and caring of me and how im feeling.


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