We are WildFlowers


June 25, 2014


There had been so much going in in my life the past couple months and hopefully everything is coming together finally. Even though I may not be where I wan to be, at least I’m somewhere. It’s tough when things don’t go the way you plan or expect. But through each day I must remember that everything will be alright, even if it doesn’t feel or seem that way. I have to remind myself that God will always make a way out of noway.

Today I’ve been dealing with random pain, feels like spasms or like a spasm is about to happen. On my left arm I have a spot on my skin that’s sore [feels like a rug burn] Right arm aching at my elbow. Also feeling like my joints in my hands are swollen, went out and the heat seem to make it worst. The humid air made it hard to breathe. The cool air from the fan makes me feel all weird as well. Like always too hot or too cold. Just body aches and sharp pain everywhere is my days. The worst today has been sharp face pain and sharp pain at my temple on the left side.
But overall things are going to be ok in my life and hopefully only get better. My husband and I have fallen short but things are going to work out. I wish I could do more than just feel like I’m about to die. Thankful that my husband understands and he loves me for me and my love. He loves what I do for me had his wife. We are in life together.

“No matter how many times we might fall short of our goal, our Father in heaven is right there with us — offering endurance and encouragement. He says to us today, “I know you’re feeling a little unworthy. Perhaps beaten and defeated. But come-on, get up, I’ve already won the race. I’ve paid the price. Let’s do the victory lap together!” Will you take His hand? Will you endure patiently just like Job? Will you trust the Lord to pour out His blessing of compassion and mercy upon your life?”–© 2014 The Pocket Testament League. All rights reserved.

“When doubts try to sneak in, you can do what the psalmist did: You can look back and remember that God has always been with His people. All of us have had times when we wondered if we’d make it. But we did. So will you.” “My great God, forgive me for allowing the little things of life to distract me and to take my thoughts away from You. Through Jesus Christ, help me always to remember that You are with me in the good times and in the bad times. Amen.”–From the book Battlefield of the Mind Devotional by Joyce Meyer. Copyright © 2006 by Joyce Meyer. Published by FaithWords. All rights reserved.


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