We are WildFlowers

Pain Hurts

June 27, 2014

Pain Hurts

First I felt pain in my left leg, was burning aching then I hurt my shoulder don’t know what I did, moved the wrong way in bed. The pain seem to be going away but decided to do range of motion and it made it worst. Going into my neck. So it’s all on the left side. Feel some pain in my back also. Im glad it’s not my right because then I wouldn’t be able to do anything. In my collar bone is sore along with my arm being sore to the touch, and the area is very warm.
All this happened around 3 or 4 in the morning, so I did finally fall to sleep and slept good. Waking up and the first move of trying to lift myself up it was painful.
3:34pm- I’m doing alright but with the wrong movement the pain is still there. Along with pain in my right arm around my elbow joint; aches when I move it a certain way or if I don’t move it for awhile.

My pain makes me have such a bi-polar attitude sometimes. When I’m in pain I can be so mean and a little bit heartless, now some moments it depends I can feel remorse for others. But at times I just feel like they have no idea and I would rather just have a stuffed up nose than to feel this sharp pain in my body. Some people get sick with a cold and can’t function yet we are expected to keep it moving no matter what. When I husband gets sick with a stuffy nose I just want to say Man Up!
[my pain in my shoulder is starting to hurt again]
Okay to finish this up, when I am not in much pain I can be the most loving, caring person. I have my moments and I’ve had one of those moments already today. But I admit and I own up to how I act, I say sorry when I have pain moments.

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