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Will It Get Worst

June 26, 2014

Will It Get Worst

Today I feel different but not in a good way. Many times I think I’m in denial because I try and tell myself I’m making it out to be worse than it really is. And I know others have more going on with them, you know with other conditions along with fibromyalgia. I don’t know if there is anything else going on with me other than FMS, CFS/ME, Depression, Anxiety and HBP.
I am slowly coming out of denial because today I feel sick. I don’t feel like explaining how I feel but I will say that I’m having way more body cramps and it’s been tough adjusting to the warmer weather. And trying to stay cool is crazy because the cool air even just from the ceiling fan causes my body to ache as well [can’t win.]
I feel I live in fear of not knowing if my health will get any worst. Do I really have something else? I am going to keep feeling bad as I get older? From what I can tell so far that answer is yes. I am really trying with what I have to feel better.
Muscle spasms will be a huge issue this summer and I am not ready. They seem to be creeping up more and more every day. Even playing with me, I think the pain is about to come then it doesn’t. I using my mind and pain is playing tricks on me.

Thinking about CBD oil, the first search of it online says it $45 to order. [will do more research]

“The cannabinoid extract found in the UltraCBD™ 200mg supplement is derived from the stalks of a specialized breed of the industrial hemp plant from global farms. We infused rich CBD hemp oil into natural ingredients like ginger extract with spearmint flavor that taste great yet retain the natural benefits of hemp-based CBD. Our supplement may assist in promoting overall wellness and easing anxiety due to everyday stress.” http://ultracbd.com

“The best way to use the UltraCBD™ supplement tincture is sublingually (under the tongue). Titration or dose control is easily achieved by the number of drops a patient places under the tongue where the medicine is rapidly absorbed into the arterial system and is quickly transported to the brain and body. All a patient needs do with this supplement is to use a few drops, wait for the desired medical effects, and either use more or stop as the situation indicates. The UltraCBD™ supplement is best stored in the refrigerator after opening.” http://ultracbd.com



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