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I’m Sick; No Sh*t

June 29, 2014

I’m Sick; No Sh*t

One of those days where reality smacks me in the face and I admit to myself that I really am sick.

I never really say that I’m sick, because I guess I didn’t want to claim that about myself. But the last few days it has hit me hard and my body has let me know that yes I am sick. Since the warmer weather has come, things are a but better but at the same time just as bad. My chronic fatigue has been on blast and I’ve been weak and sleeping the day away.

Along with sharp body cramps and spasms more than usual. With the aching of my legs and spots on my body being sore to the touch. Having panic attacks, headaches and sharp pains in my face and everywhere. Must I go on?

The pain in my legs have made me feel lately as if I will wake up one day and be considered crippled or somewhat. It’s scary and it makes me cry. I sometimes think about and I sit and just cry because I feel all I’ve known in my life, from the moment I came into this world; is Pain.

I promise I am doing the best I can and being as strong as I can; I just have some tough days that brings me down. But think God I don’t stay down, and I do have some okay days. Even though I AM SICK.


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